Caring For Sheesham Wood Furniture

Waxed Finishes

Most of the furniture featured here has a waxed finish. Every few months you should re-wax each piece using a soft cloth and beeswax polish, preferably creamed beeswax. Using a soft, clean cloth, apply polish sparingly to the entire surface, always working in the direction of the grain. Once applied to the entire piece, using another clean cloth, gently buff the surface to the desired level of shine, again in the direction of the grain. Never use silicone based polishes as these can easily dry out and discolour the wood.

Unfinished Furniture

A few of the ranges featured here have no finish applied and are supplied as bare hardwood. You can, if you wish, apply an oil or wax finish, however this will change the colour and appearance of the timber. If you prefer the wood to be left in its natural state, simply wipe over regularly with a barely damp cloth to remove spills and dust. Again, do not use silicon based polishes as these will only serve to discolour and dry the timber.

Spills & Stains

Sheesham timber is extremely hard wearing, however it is always advisable not to place anything hot or wet directly onto the surface of the furniture as it may cause staining or marking. Any spills should be cleaned up with a dry or barely damp cloth. The beauty of solid wood furniture is that it can be sanded and re-finished should any severe marking occur. Be sure to sand gently in the direction of the grain with fine sandpaper or wire wool. The furniture can then be refinished with beeswax.

Positioning Furniture

Always try to position your furniture away from direct sunlight if possible. Sunlight can cause the colour of the wood to fade, leaving unsightly differences between sides in the shade and sides exposed. Also, try not to place your furniture near a radiator as the sudden changes in temperature can cause the wood to dry out and crack, or for joints to become loose.
The furniture you buy for your home is a major investment and sheesham furniture, like any item of solid hardwood furniture, with a little looking after, will become a prized heirloom which will be passed on for generations.

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