Why Eco India?

One of the most satisfying thing about buying  in India is the fantastic variety of small scale artisans producing traditional handicrafts that you cannot see anywhere else.

We buy from numerous small enterprises and consolidate shipments ourselves in India.

Small Independent Producers

There are two main principles we adhere to when buying from small local producers:

  • We pay a price that is profitable for them to produce.
  • One of the biggest problems facing these small producers is access to credit a affordable rate.

We pay at least 50% in advance for orders and the rest before goods are sent.As oppose to normal practise of 10% deposit and 90% on arrival in UK.This policy makes a massive difference to their financial situation (only rarely are we ripped off, Does happen).

It would be very easy for us to buy cheaper in India, especially in these difficult market conditions, but as well as quality issues we know such a decision would compromise our fair trade moral ethos which has made the last 20 years of being in India such a  fantastic experience.

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Fair Trade Importers

We Have been importing furniture and textiles from Rajasthan since 1991.

Over the last 20 years we have developed very close business and personal relationships with a limited number of partners and suppliers. We are able to know first hand what are the working conditions, not from just being told what we want to hear.

We Have three main suppliers. One textile manufacture (since 1993) and two Furniture Manufacturers (since1998,2004). Test for Femi

They all have:

  • Modern sophisticated and clean purpose built factories mixing western European technology with traditional handicraft skills.
  • Obviously absolutely not even a hint of child labour
  • Some of the best pay rates in the industry and maintain very high worker retention levels.
  • Do not discriminate between the sexes in terms of pay for same job
  • Have strict health and safety regulations: Protective clothing, face masks etc.Also onsite medical centres with trained staff members.
  • In house training and skills development plans.
  • Free regular health care checks with visiting Doctors..

One of our furniture suppliers fully funds two charitable schools in Jodhpur (600 pupil junior school and a 2500 pupil secondary school) with many of their staffs children in attendance.

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Sustainable Environment

The wood we use for our furniture is called Shisham (Rosewood) it is a beautiful intense grain hardwood That is the best quality available in India for furniture manufacturing.

Most people today know about the massive environmental damage thought-out the world and including India that is occurring due to deforestation and illegal logging.

It is no longer acceptable ……

Many years ago we moved away from producing furniture in teakwood  to the use of woods from managed plantations. All our furniture is manufactured out of plantation Shishamwood.

Our main Partners In India are now full participant members of the WWF’s GFTN-India.(One of only ten furniture manufactures in this field (01.01.11).

“ The Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) is WWF’s initiative to eliminate illegal logging and drive improvements in forest management by facilitating trade links between companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry.The GFTN creates the market conditions that help conserve the World’s valuable and threatened forests while providing economic and social benefits for the businesses and people that depend on them”

Not only are we and our partners just committed to sustainable woods but also environmentally friendly work practises. We only use environmentally friendly Stains and finishes (eg water based lacquers, natural waxes and oils)

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